Thursday, January 21, 2010

Progress Meeting #7

We have not been blogging after our progress meetings so today I thought we should start. For those of you out there on campus, our construction meetings take place in the orange Whiting Turner trailers next to the Lane Center. The meeting is a gathering of university employees, contractors, university of Maryland representatives, and the architect. We have meetings every two weeks so from here on out we will be sharing information from these meetings.
Today it was determined that pending no major delays there are 343 days remaining in the project. Over the next few weeks, the contractors hopes to begin setting the steel for the expansion. This will be a noticeable occurrence that will signal the project is moving quickly forward. In addition to this, the patio and other features of the Lane Center have been removed. The contractor reports that most of the "bulk demo" has been complete and that they are ready to begin working on the duct work in the building. Things seem to be progressing nicely and we will continue to post on the progress of the Lane Center expansion and renovation project.

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